Living in cold climates presents a host of weather-related problems. We get hundreds of phone calls every year asking our recommendations on how to thaw frozen pipes, ground, engines, and machinery. We get an equal number of calls from businesses and consumers requesting information on how to prevent costly downtime due to cold weather.

Lets start with freeze prevention. Our research shows there are several effective products to prevent freezing depending on your application. One of our favorites is the Powerblanket.  They manufacture a host of heated blankets designed to insulate and protect equipment and piping from freezing. Their patented heat-spreading technology delivers a barrier of warmth (and insulation) to temperature-sensitive machinery, pipes, equipment etc. Powerblanket’s freeze prevention line of products range in size from 2′ x 2′ all the way up to 11′ x 23′.  Plug in the Powerblanket and walk away. Problem solved.

Thawing Blankets
Thawing Blankets

When thawing or melting (rather than freeze prevention) is the issue at hand, a slightly different solution may be needed.  Again, Powerblanket manufacures a line of EXTRA-HOT outdoor heated blankets that will melt snow and thaw frozen ground in record time.


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