extra3 Snow melting and ground thawing blankets have come a long way in the last 10 years.  New low temp vinyls combined with revolutionary heat spreading technologies are producing ever improving methods for freeze prevention and thawing – even in weather conditions that push -50°F below zero.  These blankets use a new carbon fiber composite material to distribute heat along the entire surface of the blanket, producing and even and consistent heat that runs on a fraction of the power required for conventional heat contraptions.

Our testing (in outdoor weather near 10°F) produced thaw depths up  to 18 inches.  We found that the heated surface snow and ice melted quickly, draining down into the ground, melting everything below it and leaving the top surface dry.

We found the Powerblanket heated ground covers to be very effective at melting, thawing, and heating ground and surface areas.  Manufactured in Salt Lake City, Powerblanket ships worldwide. (877) 927-6432.

Also available from the Powerblanket team are:

  • Heated Pipeline Wraps
  • Drum & Bucket Heaters
  • IBC Tote Heaters
  • Cylinder Wraps
  • Hotbox Heaters
  • Concrete Curing Blankets
  • Tank & Silo Heaters
  • Bulk Material Warmers
  • Engine & Auto Heaters
  • Heavy Equipment Heaters
  • Spray Foam Heaters
  • Custom

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