Freezing water pipes have proven to be quite a problem in this day and age. Each winter, a quarter of a million homes are ruined due to pipes freezing and bursting, causing lives to be disrupted and money to be wasted. In fact, a three millimeter crack in a pipe can leak up to 250 gallons of water in a single day. Fixing such a problem is a far cry from just calling a plumber. Luckily, we have done our research. Below are what we have found to be the most effect methods to prevent freezing pipes.

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Insulation of pipes is perhaps the most common method. Pipes in crawl spaces and attics are those most exposed to freezing damage. Fortunately, insulation is a rather simple way of ensuring year-round heat. The biggest problem with insulation is that it is used more for maintaining a higher temperature rather than creating one.

Heat Tape for pipes or heated cables can be wrapped around pipes. This is another low-maintenance method and is favored among many. This comes as no surprise since setting it up is as easy as you could imagine. Unfortunately, extra caution must be taken with this choice as its uses are generally limited by the manufacturer.

Seal Leaks that can potentially feed cold, outside air into the (hopefully) warmer indoor air. Search for air leaks everywhere close to the pipes. This sounds easy, but it proves to be difficult as most people do not search for leaks until the accident has already happened. This method is definitely time consuming and is unlikely to be 100% effective.

Powerblankets is the most effective product we have tested for freeze prevention and pipe thawing. A Powerblanket is a heated electrical blakent which can be thrown over or wrapped around pipes to keep them warm and thaw them out. With a variety of temperature settings and multiple heating uses, Powerblanket has made it hard for us to say “no”.  Powerblanket products can be purchase at 866-805-HEAT or visit them online at


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