frozen-tongue When it comes to heating, thawing, curing, insulating, or protecting your temperature sensitive products… a new player is in town.  GreenHeat Technology, developed by engineers at Powerblanket labs, delivers a barrier of consistent, uniform heat directly to the products and surfaces that need them most.

No matter the temperature outside and regardless of how low the mercury falls , Powerblanket has solved the problem that many industry professionals have been fighting with forever… Work stoppage due to weather.  Imagine being able to continue on schedule, without interruption, completing your projects on time and on budget.   GreenHeat’s ability to spread heat evenly coupled with its unique design that keeps heat from escaping, results in a truly one-of-a-kind heating technology. GreenHeat is helping the following professionals get UNSTUCK:

  • Concrete Curing (construction, tilt-up, precast, curb & gutter, masonry)
  • Ground Thawing (footings, pads, utility work, driveways & sidewalks)
  • Drum & Bucket Warming (construction, industrial, food, chemical, manufacturing)
  • IBC Tote Heaters (DEF, polyurethane, water, chemicals, food products)
  • Hot Box (cold patch asphalt, construction, paints, bulk materials, caulking, food)
  • Cylinder Wraps (propane, spray foam, compressed gases, chemicals)
  • Pipe Wraps (oil & gas, industrial,  construction, residential)
  • Tank & Silo (dairy processing, food processing, chemical, water, oilfields, mining)

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