The best tricks of the trade for thawing frozen pipes, frozen ground, ice melting and snow thawing is the Powerblanket sold online @ www.HeatAuthority.com  Fast FREE shipping on all Powerblanket models.  These outdoor construction grade heat blankets are waterproof, weatherproof and built to withstand harsho northern winters.  All Powerblanket products are UL/CSA.CE safety certified!  Call 866-805-HEAT

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The high watt density in Powerblanket® Ground Thawing Blankets helps tackle the difficulty of thawing ground in harsh climates. This line of Powerblanket® flat blankets have a higher watt density and hotter temperature than our concrete curing blankets. The higher temperatures are ideal for ground thawing applications and curing epoxy or resins.

Why Powerblanket® Ground Thawing Blankets?

  • High watt density thaws frozen ground fast
  • Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour
  • Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Can be used to cure epoxy and resins