There isn’t a whole lot to say when it comes to new technologies. Most of the freeze prevention technology out there has been around for a while. Heat tape and insulation are as standard and familiar as they come. This doesn’t really help us though, does it? The only real new technology that comes to mind is the patented heat-spreading technology of Powerblanket’s products. Not only is the idea of a heated blanket new, but Poweblanket left no room for improvement. They came right out with the best product their guys could think up.Not only do their blankets heat evenly and effectively, but they also insulate better than any other technology on the market. Wrap it in a Powerblanket, heat it up and then cut the power. You will be amazed at how well heat is retained even hours later. There isn’t much more to say without spelling it out. For freeze prevention, the only real solution is Powerblanket.

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